Chris Vaccaro Web Designer - Rockland County, NY

Hi, I'm Chris and I design and build websites. Currently I work in Rockland County, New York. And enjoy building sites that are simple, beautiful, and functionally meet the needs of the client.

About Me

Chris Vaccaro was an artistic child from the start. Born in the early 80's, he enjoyed drawing pictures for friends and family and eventually began experimenting with various instruments and playing music as a hobby. After failing to become a professional rock star, he eventually graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College where he received a B.S. in Graphic Design and began working with HTML in it's earliest forms.

Perfecting his skills in web design, information architecture, programming, user interface design, and much more, he started working with design firms and corporations, helping them provide creative solutions for their clients. While he is still in love with 90's alternative rock, he creates beautiful, usable websites for those in need.

young chris